Winter Wonderland at The Park!

Little Stars Nursery children enjoyed a festive treat this week in our magnificent woodland at The Park Child & Family Centre. Forest School leader Kate planned a magical winter wonderland experience.

The nursery team took children on an adventure through the snow covered trees and enjoyed a whole host of activities from finding hidden Santa's in to matching snowflakes, looking for evidence of Father Christmas everywhere they went.

The ultimate treat came when Father Christmas himself made a brief appearance, running past the woodland in his big red suit. The children we're completely awestruck and overwhelmed with excitement, many shouting after him "Santa, Santa, there he is!" and "Maybe he's running because he's lost his reindeers!"

The photographs say it all, take a look...

  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-3
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-4
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-7
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-16
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-17
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-19
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-21
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-22
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-27
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-31
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-33
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-34
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-42
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-43
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-53
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-57
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-59
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-60
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-67
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-68
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-73
  • winter-wonderland-pcfc-19-12-80

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