Personally for me Little Stars Nursery is a goldmine. It definitely meets all of my expectations about childcare. It is very clean and there is enough staff to give children personal attention. In terms of education and development the activities are fantastic and the food is very healthy. Staff are very well selected, cooperative and very well trained. I am even confident to leave my two week old daughter there. This is my third child to attend this nursery. The people who work there have an exemplary attitude, look happy and enjoy being with the kids and that creates a great peaceful atmosphere. I am from Russia. My children are bilingual and I am very pleased with the progress they make thanks to the nursery. They just love it there. If I would have to choose between my own country and England, the nursery would be one of the big factors for me as a mother to stay. I believe it gives my children the best and I would hate for them to lose the opportunity to spend their early years in this particular nursery, which is a big part of their lives.