School Readiness strong at The Beeches Nursery



Ofsted recently declared a Fern Gore nursery “Good”. The report into Little Stars at The Beeches Nursery highlighted that “All Children make good progress from their starting points” and that they “are well prepared for school”.

Manager Nicola Mortenson commented:

“I am really pleased that Ofsted recognised the team’s efforts to ensure the children were ready for school - it is so important children enjoy learning and want to attend.”

The report also commented on the strong partnership with parents and the team’s warm welcome:

“Children arrive with excitement, confidence and self-motivation and they settle in well.”

Following the Ofsted local parent Katie Power commented:

“I think it’s a fantastic nursery and I couldn’t wish for a better nursery for my child.”

Looking to the future Nicola said the nursery was determined to improve even more and learn from the report’s recommendations:

"We are already starting work to make the experience children have consistently outstanding.”

For more information about the Beeches nursery please ring Anna on 01254 387757.

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