Our Great Food For Pregnancy Recipe Book

If you are on the look out for some ideas for delicious meals which give you the nutrients you need to support your baby's healthy growth and development through your pregnancy, look no further - our great food for pregnancy recipe book can help!

Our recipe book has been created with three things in mind...taste, cost and simplicity. Each recipe uses a mix of fresh and cupboard ingredients which are available from your local market or supermarket and more importantly, won't cost the earth. With costing's written into every recipe you'll know exactly what you're spending, helping you stay on track with your budgeting.

Endorsed by midwives, each meal in our recipe book is nutritionally balanced, ensuring you get the right mix of vitamins and minerals you and your baby need, in accordance with the Eatwell Plate (below).


Our recipe book helps you make the most out of every ingredient you buy by using them in a range of different ways, helping you to ensure nothing is wasted and making your money go further.

Not only do we have lots of savoury meal ideas which the whole family will enjoy, there's also some sweet treats in there to - why not try making some of them together as a family today!