Our amazing little stars


We just wanted to share some lovely feedback we got from a lady who was on the same train as our Little Stars from the Park when they went on their nursery trip to Eureka this week ....

Hello Anna,
People are often quick to criticise but not so swift at praise. I was in the train to Leeds yesterday with your lovely little ones and just wanted to say how wonderfully behaved they were.
Yes they were a little noisy, especially when going through a tunnel, but rightly so, they were on an adventure. It was an incredibly hot day and there was no air con on the train so it could have been very difficult for you all.
One little boy in particular, sitting on his own, started chatting to me after remarking that I too was alone! He even asked if I wanted to join your picnic as I had no friends! He was also quick to let you know when another little boy was crying. Their manners were impeccable. So keep up the good work and I wish every one of your little stars success at big school. They made my day.
Kind Regards
Amanda Leeson

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