Little Stars Team Day 20th February 2017

On Monday 20th February 2017 staff came together from all the Little Stars Nurseries to take part in a brilliant team training day.

The training event was hosted at the Park Child & Family Centre and delivered by the Little Stars Nursery management team in partnership with Adventure Hyndburn, also based at the site.

The jam-packed day of workshops covered a range of topics relating to the delivery of outstanding early years foundation stage provision and involved both seminar sessions and practical, hands on activities.

A particular highlight for many of the team was a muddy Forest Schools session delivered by the organisations enthusiastic team of Level 3 qualified practitioners, followed by a visit to the excellent allotment space. These fabulous on-site resources have been thoroughly enjoyed by Little Stars nursery children in recent months following significant investment in the training of nursery staff as Forest Schools practitioners, alongside Adventure Hyndburn's development of the allotment site with space dedicated to nursery food growing.

The day was a huge success and was thoroughly enjoyed by those attending and facilitating, packed with learning and invaluable discussion. The team valued the day as an opportunity to come together and share good practice whilst celebrating the exceptional work which happens across all of the Little Stars settings.

Monday's inset day was the first of 2017, with more to be programmed for later in the year as the organisation strives to set the highest possible standards in care, learning and development for pre-school children in East Lancashire.

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