Little Stars Nursery – Testimonials:
“My son has progressed very quickly since being at nursery. Speech, eating, toileting & social skills have improved greatly. Staff have dealt with medication for asthma very well and have made a big impact on his eating skills. I hope that his development continues to progress at the standard that is currently being delivered. Well done!”

“Now that my grandson is about to leave the nursery and enter into a big new world we would like to thank you all for your kind considerate care and attention you have given to him. I know he has been very happy and content at your nursery and he will miss you all. Due to your care he has come on in leaps and bounds which will stand him in good stead for his future development during his school years. The atmosphere at the nursery when we came to collect our grandson was always one of a very happy and safe environment and all the children had a smile on their face. We would recommend the nursery to any parents looking for happy and professional care for their child. Once again many thanks”.

“I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Little Stars Nursery for their hard work and dedication to my child. My daughter has additional needs and the steps taken to provide the very best care and support whilst at nursery have been excellent. I have no doubts what so ever that all the staff at Little Stars Nursery have played a big part in the progress my daughter has made. I would highly recommend Little Stars Nursery to any parent looking for childcare, whatever their child’s needs may be”.

“My daughter has been attending Little Stars Nursery at The Park Child & Family Centre for almost a year now. I noticed within a few months of her attending the nursery a marked improvement in her confidence & social skills. It’s great, the staff are very friendly & approachable & the facilities are excellent”.

“Personally for me Little Stars Nursery is a goldmine. It definitely meets all of my expectations about childcare. It is very clean and there is enough staff to give children personal attention. In terms of education and development the activities are fantastic and the food is very healthy. Staff are very well selected, cooperative and very well trained. I am even confident to leave my two week old daughter there. This is my third child to attend this nursery. The people who work there have an exemplary attitude, look happy and enjoy being with the kids and that creates a great peaceful atmosphere. I am from Russia. My children are bilingual and I am very pleased with the progress they make thanks to the nursery. They just love it there. If I would have to choose between my own country and England, the nursery would be one of the big factors for me as a mother to stay. I believe it gives my children the best and I would hate for them to lose the opportunity to spend their early years in this particular nursery, which is a big part of their lives”.

“The wonderful nursery staff create a calm and caring atmosphere, where the children feel very safe, have fun and most importantly are happy”.

“Nursery has enabled me to attend college and university. Without nursery and the trust I have in the staff this would not have been possible. Little Stars Nursery at The Willows Child & Family Centre provides outstanding care for both of my children, they look forward to attending each day”.

“Since my son started Little Stars Nursery his behaviour has improved a lot and he has gained more social skills with being around other children and adults”.

“We are both really pleased and excited by our sons development and agree that he is a very happy sociable child. It is obvious that he loves his time at nursery and we really appreciate everything that Donna and the rest of the team do for him. It was lovely to read his report, it made us smile and reminded us how blessed we are to have him in our lives. Just to add we value all the staff who work here including reception and have always found everyone to be really friendly and helpful. Thank you so much!”.
“The staff are committed and friendly, and the nursery is warm and inviting”.

“Even though my daughter only attends nursery one day a week, I feel that she learns a lot for the time she spends there. Each week she shows something new and she may not understand going to nursery fully but I know she enjoys it. Her concentration whilst doing craft work is excellent. I have also started her with a cup for drinking and she seems to be understanding the meaning of going to the toilet, but not yet introduced potty training fully. I hope I can introduce more days at nursery soon”.

“I am confident with the level of care my son is receiving at this nursery”.

“A wonderful nursery and the staff are a credit”.

“My sons key worker, Donna who he is very close to has helped him at the nursery. We would like to thank Donna very much for her hard work”.