Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
Our Mission Statement:
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’.
A child’s play is their work and their work is their play. Children are their own special person. All children will have the chance to be themselves, learn to appreciate and enjoy others. The nursery will bring learning and fun together and be a place where everyone’s achievements are celebrated.
Play and learning will be planned and guided by children/parent and carers. Childcare and education will be brought together in an environment which promotes choice and increases confidence; self esteem and a motivation to play, learn and have fun.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
Sure Start Hyndburn Services has a Little Stars Nursery situated within:
 The Park Child and Family Centre.
The Services offered by ‘Little Stars’ Nursery are:
 Full Day Care for children aged 0-5 years at least 49 weeks a year.
 Morning sessions and afternoon sessions.
Sure Start Hyndburn Services has responsibility to deliver, develop and review the Little Stars Nursery.
What is Sure Start Hyndburn Services?
Sure Start Hyndburn Services is a company Ltd by Guarantee and is supported by Sure Start Hyndburn Charitable Trust.
Sure Start Hyndburn Charitable Trust has two Children’s Centres: Church and West Accrington and Accrington South.
More information about Sure Start Hyndburn Services and Sure Start Hyndburn Charitable Trust is available on request.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
The Nursery aims to:
“To support the communities of Sure Start Hyndburn so that families and carers give a Sure Start to the healthy development of all their children through play, care and education”.
Sure Start Hyndburn Ethos Key Principles:
1. The community is at the heart of all new developments.
2. Parents are the child’s first educators and service developments should work from this
3. Access to services should be available to all regardless of race, religion, culture,
disability or other difference.
4. Partnership between children, parents, and the community and service providers
should be embedded within children’s services.
The long term benefit will be:
1. Improvepre-schoolplayandlearningopportunitiesforallchildren.
2. Significant improvement in children’s ability to learn when they enter primary school.
3. Higher level of confident parents who will challenge and involve themselves in their
children’s education.
4. A true sense of community with active participation in community by all sectors.
5. Less juvenile nuisance and anti-social behaviour and more involvement in community
6. Inclusion of children and adults with special needs as appropriate within education,
leisure, employment and community activities.
7. The community as a whole, regardless of ethnicity, develops a respect and
understanding of each others cultures and values, which is reflected through children, parents and carers.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
When is the Nursery Open?
Opening hours at The Park Child & Family Centre
Full day care or session day care
8.00am to 5. 30 pm
How much does the childcare cost?
 For enquiries in relation to session times and cost please contact Nursery Admin at The Park Child & Family Centre.
 For enquiries in relation to the Free Early Years Entitlement please contact Nursery Admin at The Park Child & Family Centre for more information.
 Once you have accepted the nursery place, changes to the place can only be made with at least two week’s notice. A £10 administration charge will be made (extenuating circumstances may be considered).
 Fees are paid by Direct Debit, cash, cheque or debit card and should be paid in advance. Where fees are not paid on the first day of attendance of each week then the child will not be able to attend the nursery.
 Each place is subject to a refundable deposit of:
o One weeks full fees
 Your deposit will be refunded by cheque on closure of your child’s place (subject to there being no fees outstanding).
 We require at least two weeks notice to close your child’s place.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
What Should Children Wear?
 Clothes that are easy to manage when the toilet is needed (elasticated waist trousers are ideal)
 Sleeves that can be pushed up
 A coat with a loop for hanging up on the hook
 Full shoes with a soft soled that have a good grip.
Parents are asked to bring their own child’s nappies on a weekly basis (please bring on a week-to-week basis as we are unable to store large amounts) and a spare change of clothes.
Please do not send your baby or child in their best clothes as we want them to have a good time in the nursery. Activities such as painting, sand and water play will be part of your child’s day.
Children’s individual clothes should be named.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
When can I bring and collect my child?
 We encourage children to be brought to nursery as agreed with you.
 Please ensure you bring your child within the agreed times.
 Adults dropping off and collecting children from the nursery must sign the signing-in/out sheet at reception and in the nursery on arrival and departure.
 Any adult collecting a child must be authorised to do so by the parent or carer and be named on the consent form completed at the settling in visit.
 In the interest of child safety and security a password system is used to ensure that the adult collecting the child has the parents’ or carers’ permission.
 We ask parents and carers to observe car parking arrangements at all times – this is an absolute requirement. Failure to do so could result in the loss of your child’s place.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
What happens if my child is ill?
Always let us know if your child cannot attend nursery. Poorly children do not enjoy Nursery.
If your child becomes ill whilst at Nursery we will comfort and meet your child’s needs whilst we contact you or another authorised adult to come and collect your child.
Your child may need to be absent from nursery. You will be advised how long this should be by your child’s Key Person or designated team member. This decision is guided by medical advice and Sure Start Hyndburn decision is final.
Unfortunately we are unable to give refunds for absences.
What if my child needs medication?
Medication is administered by nursery team members according to our policy for administration of medicines. Your child’s Key Person can give you information about this policy.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
Behavior Management
We believe that good levels of behaviour and mutual respect are essential in order to achieve high standards of care and learning.
As children develop we will encourage the following behaviour:
 To look and listen to a person who is speaking to them.
 To make a response to a person speaking to them.
 Say please and thank you at appropriate times.
 Be kind to others.
 Look after nursery toys, furniture and equipment. In order to encourage good behaviour we will:
 
 
Set good examples as adults.
Give praise to all children both for being and doing. For example for being happy and smiley and for doing a good job in helping to tidy up the toys.
Praise positive behaviour in front of others.
Inform parents of positive behaviour in front of their child.
The use of physical force or shouting at children as a punishment is forbidden in nursery.
We have a Behaviour Management Policy in our Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements File which is more detailed, and all parents can read this on request.
Person responsible – Sure Start Hyndburn Early Years Service Manager (Tel: 01254 387757)
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
What will my child do at the Nursery?
Play based activities will be provided for all children to choose from. These will be carefully matched to the child’s level of development, encouraging them through appropriate challenges whilst offering them the chance to gain confidence through play.
Activities will include:
 Imaginative/pretend play.
 Art & craft.
 Computer access.
 Outdoor play.
 Baking.
 Sand & water.
 Construction toys.
 Jigsaws.
 Music making.
 Games.
 And quiet time such as reading a story.
Team members will encourage communication and language with your child whether they are a baby or a five year old. Children will be listened to carefully by team members and encouraged to listen to each other.
Children’s efforts will be praised and encouraged at all times.
Younger children’s individual home routines such as sleep patterns and bottle feeds will be continued in the nursery.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
What records of my child’s progress will be made?
We endeavor to maintain good communication between home and nursery, and provide written information to you about your child’s day.
A daily diary of food/fluid intake, toileting and sleeping will be maintained by the nursery.
Activities and experiences will be planned within the guidance provided by the Department for Education, and Learning Journeys will be compiled throughout the child’s time at nursery.
These will include photographs and samples of the children’s activities and early development work.
When your child leaves the nursery you will be given the learning journey as a memento of this important stage in their life.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
Getting your child settled at nursery.
To help everyone with this process we invite parents to come for visits to nursery with their child before leaving their child for the first time. There is no charge for the initial two visits.
You know your child better than anyone else. During your visits, a member of the team will talk to you about your child in order to find out about his/her likes and dislikes and daily routines.
We will try our best to keep to your child’s individual routine whilst at the nursery. This is one reason why we ask parents to supply their own nappies and bottle feeds.
On confirmation of your child’s place a member of our team will discuss all the arrangements and requirements for your child.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
What will be given to my child to eat and drink?
We are committed to promoting children’s health and physical well-being, therefore well balanced meals are offered to children.
The nursery meals are prepared by the Sure Start Hyndburn Community Café kitchen and are based on a fish and vegetarian menu.
What about my baby’s feeds?
Babies will be fed by bottle following the parent’s preferred routine.
Your child’s Key Person will explain the arrangements for either breast feeding or formula milk feeding.
We also have team members who are trained, able to give advice and support parents who are breast feeding.
How will my baby be weaned onto solids?
Prior to your child reaching 6 months we will discuss with you how you want your child to be introduced to solids.
Further details will be given as guided by our Food and Drink Policy.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
Who are the Nursery team?
 All team members employed in the nursery are carefully selected and have undergone a CRB check.
 The Nursery Supervisor is a fully qualified, experienced Nursery Officer.
 Your child will be allocated a Key Person.
 All our team members are qualified to at least level three standards.
 All the team members have a training development programme which supports their role and the quality of the nursery provision.
 The nursery is supported by Sure Start Hyndburn.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
What if my child has Special Educational Needs?
We aim to meet children’s individual needs in the nursery.
The nursery is fully accessible to all children.
If your child is having greater difficulty in learning than other children of the same age, please come and discuss their need with the Nursery Supervisor or Early Years Services Manager.
If we feel that your child is experiencing difficulties in nursery we will discuss this with you.
Each Little Stars nursery has a named Special Education Needs Co-coordinator (SENCO).
Visitors to the Nursery
There will be occasions when children’s services practitioners will visit the nursery to see individual children, (with the consent of their parents), to make observations or to offer support and advice to parents/carers and/or team members working in the nursery. All visitors to the nursery are subject to safety controls. (If you do not wish your child to be present at these times please inform the Nursery Supervisor)
Child Protection
We have a statutory responsibility to report cases of alleged child abuse to the appropriate agencies. To help us carry out this duty we follow Lancashire County Councils Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
What if I have a complaint about the nursery?
Whilst we try hard to get things right, we recognize that there may be times when a complaint is justified.
Always feel welcome to discuss any concerns with the Nursery Supervisor, Early Years Services Manager or Sure Start Hyndburn Manager.
The Early Years Services Manager and Sure Start Hyndburn Manager can be contacted at:
The Park Child & Family Centre Norfolk Grove
Registered charity No. 5399785
Tel: 01254 387757 Fax: 01254 395371
A complaints procedure is available on request.
Should your complaint remain unresolved you are entitled to ring OFSTED on 0300 123 1231.
The nursery OFSTED registration number for:
Little Stars at The Park Child & Family Centre is EY278820
The continued development of our Little Stars Nursery will be shaped by the feedback and suggestions given to us by parents. Therefore we welcome your comments on how you think things could be better and what you think really works.
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’

Sure Start Hyndburn ‘Little Stars’ Nursery Prospectus
Parent / Carer notes or questions:
Every Child Should Have The Chance To ‘Shine’