Our Staff

The Nursery Team
At our Little Stars Nursery we believe that our staff are our most prized asset.
All our people are dedicated, caring professionals who we have chosen not only for their knowledge, skills, and experience, but also for their caring and considerate nature.
Each team member is carefully selected and has undergone a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check. But we feel that there is a lot more to selecting the right person than this important requirement.
We understand that it is essential for you to have complete confidence in the capabilities of the people who will be caring for your child, so we ensure that all team members are qualified to at least level three standard. Not only that, but all our staff engage in a continuous training programme so that they deliver the highest levels of nursery care for children of all ages and needs. And for any children with special needs, our Little Stars nursery has a named (Special Education Needs Co-coordinator) SENCO.
Our aim is to provide a secure and encouraging atmosphere where your child will feel safe, happy, and motivated, and select only the people who will help to create the most positive environment for your child.
Each team member has specific roles and responsibilities that are outlined below. If you would like any further information on any staff topic please contact us.
Nursery Supervisor
The Nursery Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day management of the nursery and all team members, working closely with parents/carers and all partner organisations to make sure that children’s welfare, development and protection is upheld at all times.
This position is fundamental to the efficient and successful operation of each nursery, managing effective communication and liaison channels ensuring that nursery team members, parents and carers are central to all childcare-related activity.
The Supervisor is central in creating the right environment where all childcare services, activities and resources are planned and implemented to impact positively on both children’s growth and development. This enables children, parents, carers and the community to participate, inform and shape the development of childcare service and resource developments together.
Senior Nursery Officer
The Senior Nursery Officer’s prime function is to assist the Nursery Supervisor in the day-to-day management of the nursery and be responsible for all nursery team members
in their absence.
This position provides an important support for the Nursery Supervisor, ensuring that children’s welfare, development and protection are upheld at all times, and that children, parents and carers are at the core of all childcare-related activity.
Creating the right environment for the children to enjoy themselves is an essential ingredient of any nursery, and our Senior Nursery Officer will engage directly with all children to facilitate and maintain high-quality play in a safe, secure and stimulating environment.
In this role, the Senior Nursery Officer works directly with the children, and with the consent of parents/carers, will make observations which will contribute to the planning for children with specific needs to access specialist support/provision.
Nursery Officer
The Nursery Officer is an integral part of the nursery team, working directly with parents and families at every opportunity to deliver quality play, learning and childcare provision for children under five.
A key part of the role is to facilitate and maintain a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children at all times. The Nursery Officer will provide for children’s care and early education through the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. The EYFS guides early years practitioners in planning an appropriate curriculum of activities and environment for all children and ensures children’s progress is monitored and planned for. The Nursery Officer will also work with the children to enable them to access appropriate packages of support that meets their individual needs.