Nursery Activities

Nursery Activities
All of the activities provided in our nursery are designed to ensure that all children are provided with high quality learning experiences within a stimulating, safe and fun environment.
A wide variety of equipment and resources is available for use by the children across a range of provision.
Planning for children's learning is developed and assessed using the guidance, practice and principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS).
We consider that it is equally important that activities also embrace parental knowledge and understanding of their children, alongside a key person's knowledge of each individual child's development and interests; so we plan to deliver the knowledge and skills children need through the things we know they enjoy doing.
All activities are carefully considered on a weekly basis, with children's learning and development reflected on daily to ensure each child's developmental needs and interests are fully met; enabling children to participate and develop at their own pace.
The atmosphere is relaxed, happy and fun.
Our Little Stars Nursery provides a wide range of learning and discovery opportunities to help all the children in our care reach their full potential, whatever their age.
Further details can be accessed in the Nursery Operational Plans available in the nursery.