How The Dog Lost His Bone

One day the dog was nosing about the farm. He liked to poke his nose into everything, sniffing around here and there. He sniffed in the barn, he sniffed in the shed, he sniffed in the bedroom, and he sniffed in the kitchen.....mmmmmm......He could smell dinner!

"Are you in here again?" asked the cook. "Get out of my kitchen!" But the dog just sat on the floor and panted happily. "I can't make dinner while you're around?" said the cook. The dog just barked.

Finally, the cook gave the dog a bone, and pushed him out of the kitchen.

There was a hill not far from the house that would be the perfect place to bury the bone. So, off the dog trotted down the road.

He came to the bridge, and happened to look down into the stream. What did he see, but another dog staring back at him? GGrrrrrrrrrr.......said the dog, holding onto his bone tightly.

Now, you and I know it was just his shadow, but he thought it was another dog and this dog had a bone even bigger than his own bone!

"Give me that bone!" the dog barked, jumping into the stream. But as soon as he had opened his mouth to bark at the other dog, his own bone fell from his mouth and dropped into the stream, where it was quickly washed away.

It took some time for the dog to notice that his treasure was gone, because he was so busy barking at the other dog.

Eventually, it began to dawn on him that he was not coming any closer to winning. So he climbed back up on shore and shook himself off. When he realised his bone was gone, he climbed back on the bridge, and looked down at the other dog. The other dog's bone was gone as well?

He trotted back to the farm house to get another bone, but the cook had locked the door, and ignored his howls to come in.

Oh well, thought the dog, sometimes, it is better to be satisfied with what you have, and not to chase after shadows!

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