Food Discovery With the Country Trust

country trust

Adventure Hyndburn and national education charity The County Trust are pioneering a partnership which aims to improve health and learning outcomes for children in Hyndburn schools. We will be delivering an innovative Food Discovery programme which excites young people about food and where it comes from.

We believe children have a right to experience good healthy food and to have opportunities to enjoy and achieve. Food Discovery  is about enabling young people to understand and explore where their food comes from and to encourage  positive, responsible choices when it comes to their diet. There are four key components to the programme which include a farm visit to explore and experience life on a working farm, cooking sessions  where children can then cook with the produce they have explored on the farm, a Playground market where children can plan, source and stock their very own food market and lastly, some CPD for teachers to explore ways  in which cooking, gardening and farm visits can enrich the core curriculum to broaden and sustain the impact of the programme.

We are excited to put this programme into practice, watch this space ...